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Yearly Festivals include:
-Venice carnevale
-Cairo carnival

Beautiful henna works is a balance of inspiration, spontanaety, flow & details..."Amaya"

amaya The goal of Baraka Henna is to educate the public about the beauty of henna as an art as well as it's rich cultural heritage. as a result, although she works in all styles, her specialty is traditionnal henna.
We believe that art in general and henna specifically can be used as a tool for opening avenues of communication between cultures; breaking down cultural stereotypes and helping to create a world where cultural differences are not viewed with suspicion, but rather embraced and relished.
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Amaya has been doing henna for over 10 years using the name Baraka Henna.
Baraka is an Arabic word that is most simply translated as "blessing" but can also mean "the grace of God" or "inpired by God's grace", and her work has a quality that is unique and inspired.
Amaya's meditteranean heritage creates in her a heightened sensitivity to henna. Her career as a dancer has also put her in close proximity to Arab speaking peoples, most specifically North Africans and honed her design sensibilities.

Baraka Henna works year round as the oldest henna stand on Venice Beach, boasting many steady clients, as well as doing parties and events all over Southern California.
Among her regular clients are California State L.A. for their annual Spring fling, as well as television and video companies, event planners, fairs festivals and private parties. She works with design companies creating logos, invitations and decorating guitars and other objects. Amaya is also part of the L.A. Library's YA PROGRAM for yourth. Amaya has been featured on CBS, KCOP among others.

Amaya does "Henna parties", "Learn to henna parties" and workshops for aspiring henna artists and has trained several professional artists.

For henna tatoo, parties or workshops, contact us